Department of State Development
  • Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund

    The fund is for researchers, entrepreneurs and businesses.

    The Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund supports collaboration between businesses, researchers and universities to solve industrial problems, commercialise new products and services, attract investment into research and research infrastructure into the State and encourage the establishment and growth of startups.

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  • FIXE

    The Office of the Chief Entrepreneur together with the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board is establishing a new model for entrepreneurship in South Australia called FIXE - the Future Industries eXchange for Entrepreneurship.

    FIXE will become a beacon for South Australian future industries and entrepreneurship, a nexus connecting and building the ecosystem and a showcase of South Australian people, businesses and ideas.

    For further information about the development of the Future Industries eXchange for Entrepreneurship Strategy take the survey,

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  • FIXE@Lot Fourteen

    FIXE@Lot Fourteen is a location where:

    • • New entrepreneurs are encouraged and supported to develop their ideas
    • • Existing businesses are encouraged to explore new ideas to build on their established success
    • • Businesses can access major customers and gain insights into selling to future growth industries
    • • Investors can readily identify opportunities to back emerging and growing businesses
    • • Successful entrepreneurs can mentor and guide new entrepreneurs
    • • Researchers can meet with commercialisation specialists
    • • Quality events are run to inspire, educate, share with and connect members of the community.

    FIXE@Lot Fourteen will comprise up to 650 workspaces spread across multiple buildings at Lot Fourteen. The location will attract startups looking to scale up into fast growing industries, with Lot Fourteen accommodating more established tenants in commercial tenancies across the site.

    FIXE@Lot Fourteen will complement existing private and public services and programs, providing a CBD-based front door to individuals, entrepreneurs, startups and growing businesses, and will provide a pathway for networking with regional businesses and innovation hubs. The location will be a place that supports all stages of business development, including research and development, commercialisation, startup and scale-up stages.

    The Government is currently working to select key anchor tenants (co-working / incubator organisations) to operate FIXE@Lot Fourteen. Startups, investors, mentors and service providers can still register their interest in operating from or providing services at the location.

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  • GigCity Adelaide

    GigCity is connecting businesses and startups to ultra-fast and affordable internet.

    The network is further available at key innovation precincts and co-working spaces located across Adelaide via SABRENet, a fibre optic network that runs north to south of the central business district.

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  • Visa for entrepreneurs

    A new visa is available for foreign entrepreneurs to establish and grow their venture from South Australia.

    Entrepreneurs with an innovative idea and supporting business plan can apply for a temporary visa to progress their business venture in partnership with local incubators and accelerators.  Entrepreneurs who are successful in establishing their business venture in South Australia will become eligible to apply for permanent residence.

    For more information about this visa and to apply visit Supporting Innovation in South Australia

  • South Australian Venture Capital Fund

    The $50 million South Australian Venture Capital Fund (SAVCF) is a co-investment fund to help build dynamic and innovative early-stage companies to accelerate their growth to a national and global scale.

    The SAVCF is designed to:

    • • enable innovative South Australian ventures to secure funding and accelerate growth into national and global markets, stimulating economic activity and job creation
    • • strengthen the competitiveness of local early-stage entrepreneurs and companies to attract private sources of co-investment from national and international investors
    • • earn a commercial rate of return for investors, including the South Australian Government, and commensurate with industry standards for early-stage venture capital funds.

    The SAVCF requires each initial investment into an eligible company to be matched with at least 50% investment from other venture capital funds, high net-worth’s or other sophisticated investors.

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  • Space Innovation Fund

    The Space Innovation Fund will support the State’s emerging space industry by providing funding of up $1 million a year over four years to grow jobs and build South Australia’s space ecosystem. The Fund will support training scholarships as well as incubation and acceleration services through the University of South Australia’s Innovation and Collaboration Centre.

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